I'm Will
What if this is it, what if this is as good as it gets? A$APGOODJETLIFE

Real feelings surfaced.

The truth and complete truth is that my heart hasn’t stopped yearning for you. Part of me is dying inside. Part of me wants absolutely nothing to do with you. I miss you. I miss the experiences we both created together. The beauty of crisp air with wine at 2 a.m. The warmth of your once so beautiful body. The feel and texture of your rough yet smooth palms caressing all over my skin. The way your hands felt on the outer layer of my body. Every muscle in my body urging for your presence. Though some deep bottomless place inside of me wants nothing associated with you. You hurt me in ways you’d never agree on. I felt completely stupid like I had no say or my say was stupid and didn’t matter. I think I loved you though…..

  -  9 October
Truth be told

I’m a fucking senseless asshole.


mom: Im bringing home pizza



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